Backstage Guide To Real Estate

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Backstage Guide To Real Estate

Produce Passive Income, Write Your Own Story, and Direct Your Dollars Toward Positive Change

Backstage Guide To Real Estate
Pulling back the curtain, Matt Picheny reveals the power of purposeful investing to improve life for you, your family, and even the world, one passive investment at a time. His uncommon journey from actor to real estate investor, exposes the power of passive income to liberate you from necessity, setting you financially free to write your own story. 

From the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat, Matt takes us along on his eclectic path to financial freedom, sharing lessons learned (sometimes the hard way) to help light our way forward. Building a portfolio alongside his day job, Matt rescripted typical real estate investing strategy with his value-centric approach that benefits both residents and investors.

From a starter home in Washington Heights to flipping houses and ultimately finding his niche in apartment syndication, Backstage Guide to Real Estate shares the keystone concepts of property ownership that Matt learned along the way.

You’ll discover:

  • The tell-tale signs of a great real estate investment
  • How to add value through minor improvements and upgrades
  • Beginning and Advanced Strategies for buying, selling and managing properties remotely
  • The most important factors to consider when vetting a syndication deal
  • How to use your investments to improve life for your residents and your community

With an optimistic win-win approach and practical advice, Backstage Guide to Real Estate is for busy entrepreneurs, inspired leaders, nomadic visionaries, and change agents everywhere, who want to direct the power of their investment dollars to make positive changes in their world.