Backstage Guide To Real Estate

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October 14, 2021


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Backstage Guide To Real Estate

Produce Passive Income, Write Your Own Story, and Direct Your Dollars Toward Positive Change

Rich Dad, Poor Dad meets The Quickstart Guide to Real Estate Investing, meets the Broadway musical Rent, in this up close and personal guide to the power and passion, perils and pitfalls of real estate investment. Matt Picheny shares the keystone concepts of property ownership by drawing on stories from his own life, that taught him his signature formula of imagination, curiosity, efficiency, and a more than generous dollop of optimism and idealism.

Backstage Guide To Real Estate
After high school summers spent performing at Disney World, Matt leaves Orlando behind, and heads for the Great White Way, seeking his fame and fortune on the boards of old Broadway. After graduating from a performing arts college on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Matt hits the circuit, only to wind up on a bus and truck tour out of town, traveling perpetually and ironically outside of Manhattan, and like many aspiring actors, literally homeless.

When the condo in Chelsea he rented on the cheap from a rich relative suddenly sells out from under him, Matt must decide between staying in the city, or admitting defeat and heading for home. Matt desperately wants to stay, but how can he ever pay the astronomical rent? Thus begins an inadvertent career in real estate, built alongside his day job in one of the most competitive and demanding industries in town -- Advertising.

Beginning with a “starter home” in Washington Heights, through a home construction from scratch on a lake in Connecticut, to flipping houses and then finally finding his niche in apartment syndication, Matt takes us all on a journey of discovery and exploration to define and achieve your own personal definition of success and a road to financial freedom that works for you.

Unlike other real estate and investment primers, this book offers a compelling, sometimes amusing, and always uniquely human account of how passive real estate investment, when used strategically and ethically, can help investors define and attain success on their own terms, financially, as well as philosophically. This indispensable guide offers busy professionals, fledgling investors, young couples, and established leaders across the industry the tools that they need to write their own success story through the power of passive investment.

With his signature win-win, intensely human and value-centric approach to the marketplace, Matt blazes a trail for a new generation of real estate investors, who emphasize purposefulness in addition to profit, and believe that the only way to truly do well, is by doing good.